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You wish

to enter into awakening and the direct experience of Self, of Unity, of Consciousness?


You have been SEEKING

for many years how to enter into awakening?


You think

that awakening is only accessible to some people?
You don't know where to start?

In this video, discover
how to access awakening :

Awakening is available to everyone

It isn't necessary to meditate for years

The workshop

the awakening process

The Awakening Process is a practical and thorough program that allows you to enter into awakening, to stabilize (yourself) into it, and embody that newfound identity every moment of your life.
The workshop 'The Awakening Process' is a workshop that allows you to enter into the awakening process in a very short time, based on neuroscience research and the most efficient methods.


You are not alone

Ken & Brigitte are with you every step
of your transition into the experience of awakening.

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The 4 keys of the workshop

The awakening Process




This intensive workshop allows you to have the direct experience of
the Self
, Unity, Presence, Consciousness,
in a very short time.

A powerful 

The program combines teachings, direct transmission and incredibly powerful meditation, investigation, and consciousness opening methods.

A very high success rate

The many different techniques provide something for everyone. More than 90% of participants report being in the awakening process at the end of the workshop.

The neurosciences
point of view

Awakening is a process.
‘The Awakening Process’ switches your brain function to the neuronal networks associated with awakening.

Is it for me?



This workshop is for you if


You wish to enter into the awakening process.

You already are in the awakening process and wish to deepen into it

You have experienced one or several temporary awakening/unity experiences in the past and have been seeking to get back to that « lost paradise » in a durable manner

You meditate or have a spiritual practice and wish to approach them from a space beyond the mind

You wish to free yourself from suffering. Indeed, although awakening isn't summed up by this, it's one of its positive consequences.




With the entrance into awakening, you will


Live in peace




Entering the awakening process induces an enduring change, characterized amongst other things by a deep inner peace which remains present in the background regardless of the external circumstances.



Vivre en paix



Living in presence




The results of entering the awakening process also manifest through a calming of the constant chatter of the mind. Things are no longer taken personally. The storm of the little me leaves room for the calm of the Self, and for the experience of the present moment.



Deepening and stabilizing your experience



The neuronal switch occurring during the workshop shows the entrance into awakening. It doesn't end there; you will have the opportunity to keep practicing alone or with other participants, to allow this process to deepen.


Their experience of
'The Awakening Process'

It really helps in everyday life. In only one week I could really see the effects of the workshop, cause it's just more peaceful and some fear goes away because there's actucally no need for fear, no need for words sometimes, and sometimes your speechless, but it's great!  And you don't have to feel wierd about it. This is just the way it is and, and you just feel so releaved after some time, and then it comes back, and then it goes away again, and you let it go, and that's just... to me that's what I really discovered, cause all the pakage of life that I was carring with me all the time just went away, and I, you can let it go into the light. That's all."

Anna-May, The Awakening Process, 2017

It's about learning what you truly are and more importantly learning about what you're not. That's the greatest lesson that I took away from the workshop, the ability to detached myself from my thoughts and emotions, to recognize them and realize what I really am deep down is so much more than that. For me, the workshop was probably the most powerful experience I've had."

Scott, The Awakening Process, 2015

“These are very efficient exercises indeed.”

Hélène, The Awakening Process, 2015

Dear Brigitte and Ken, thank you for sharing the Process. I didn't even know it was already here, alive in myself ... believing that we had to win the lottery to live "this." And that only some exceptional people could achieve it. What a joy to discover THIS ... I struggled to find the words ... it's difficult to express. It's as if all this is demystified, accessible, touched upon, lived rather than conceptualized like in some other teachings. Thank you for that simplicity and truth that transmitted like this. It's the most beautiful gift that has been revealed to me.  I feel overwhelmed, and my heart explodes with gratitude for you. As I have already told you, I cannot find the right words to express what's overflowing, what is experienced... it's wow!!!!! And so simple at the same time. Thank you for your presence, your simplicity, your practical and living testimony. Much, much Love

Ann-Elisabeth, The Awakening Process, 2015

“I have reached a level of silence and detachment, of peace, that I had never known before... after years of practicing other methods.”

Daniel, The Awakening Process, 2015


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'The Awakening Process'


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