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Assesse, Belgium



The One Process is a complete teaching allowing you to enter into the process of awakening, to stabilize or deepen in it and to embody your true nature in every moment of your life.

If you have participated to "The Awakening Process" retreat, Ken and Brigitte welcome you for a short or medium-term stay in the Awakening center The One Process, located in Belgium, near Namur and at 45 minutes of Brussels.

Intensive practice program:

Once you have entered into the process of awakening, it is important to continue practicing during the periods of oscillations that naturally occur. For some, it is difficult to practice intensively in their daily life; others want to practice in a more conducive environment. Others feel the power of the group effect for deepening the Beingness.

The Awakening Center gives you the opportunity to further experience the power of The Awakening Process and The One Question retreats, through practices and vigilance to what is. 

You will have time to practice for two hours straight (or more), as the long deactivation periods of the default mode network have a pronounced effect on deepening awakening. 

You are welcome to visit the Awakening Center, at Assesse, according to your availability, to practice with other participants according to your availability.

A typical day at the Awakening Center, from 9:00 am to 6:30 pm

  • Four hours of formal practice per day (by default: two sessions of two hours)

  • Informal practice during all the daily activities such as the preparation of the meals

  • Debriefing and Q&A sessions with Ken and Brigitte

  • Open Listening session in group




Intensive practice at the Awakening Center according to your availability
Prerequisite: The Awakening Process Retreat

>>> From the 1st to the 7th of January<<<

Assesse - Belgium


2018 upcoming dates to be confirmed

Assesse - Belgium


The prices of the Awakening Center are detailed below



Retreat and teachings




1 to 5 days

30 €

20 €

20 €

70 €/350 €

One week

200 €

140 €

120 €

460 €

10 days

260 €

180 €

140 €

580 €

2 semaines

300 €

250 €

200 €

750 €

There is the possibility to visit for the day if you live in the region (40 €/a day)

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