Ken et Brigitte

General terms and conditions of sale :

Applicable from October 31,  2017

This event is organized by The Process AISBL, 51 rue Borrens, 1050 Brussels, Belgium.

Personal and private use

The participants shall be exclusively responsible for ensuring that their psychological state has the necessary stability to participate in the seminar. In case of doubt, they may consult a professional capable of helping them to make a clear decision on the matter. In no event will the organizers be responsible for the participant's reaction to the use of the methods.

Thanks to their power, the content of the training requires an expertise in the accompaniment of the participants who follow them.

The content of the training is intended for the private and personal use of the participants. The organizers are against a reproduction of the material used by unqualified persons. Participants shall agree upon the acceptance of this agreement, not to share or reproduce the content for other people, in whole or in part, whether in the context of a private or professional use, free or paid.

The confidentiality of what is said during the seminar must be respected. The audio or video recordings by the participants are not allowed.

The organizers are filming the seminar for teaching purposes. They will use some extracts for educational purposes. They will take parts where the participants do not appear in the picture. However, Questions&Answers may also be used, respecting the confidentiality of the participants, that is to say, without making them appear in the image. Some demonstrations are filmed with a participant in the image and can be used later for educational purposes. Only participants who agree to be included are allowed to make such a demonstration.

Deferrals and cancellation:

Any request for deferral must be done before the beginning of the seminar. The participant may postpone his participation on another date for the same seminar without charge if he requests more than a month before the seminar. Less than one month in advance, deferral requests may be exceptionally accepted if neither of the two seminars is complete.

Cancellation of registration by the participant is possible if it occurs more than a month before the seminar. There is a non-refundable fee of $200. There is no refund for canceling less than one month before the seminar, but the full amount of the workshop can be applied to a future workshop.

In case of absence to a part or to the whole of the seminar after the beginning of it, no refund will be made. The total amount of the seminar is due in case of absence or suspension of participation to the training for any reason whatsoever.

In the case where the amount is paid in multiple payments, the entire amount is due as soon as the first deposit/installment is paid. The whole payment is due, whether the participant attended the entire seminar or not.

The Organiser has the right to cancel the event in case of an insufficient number of registrants, as well as to change the location of the seminar, its timetable and the type of accommodation in case of a residential seminar.

All our bills are payable in cash, unless otherwise expressly and in writing. In the event of non-payment at the due date, they shall be increased in full right and without notice of a late interest calculated at 12% from the due date until the payment. They will also be increased by an irreducible penalty clause of 15% of the total amount of the invoice for damages, with a minimum of €75. In the event of a payment delay of more than 30 days, we transmit the file to a collection agency, and the costs related to this procedure (30% of the unpaid) are the expense of the participant and will be immediately added to the current invoice.

By using this website and signing up for any seminar, webinar, or program, you signify your consent to these terms of use. If you do not agree to these terms of use, please do not sign up or use this website.

In the event of a contradiction between our general conditions and those of the Contracting Party, only our general conditions will be applied. In the event of a dispute, Belgian law will be applicable and the courts of the judicial district of Brussels shall be solely competent.